About Us

Australian Business Executive

Australian Business Executive is a nationally recognized trade publication read by a targeted audience of professional leaders of the corresponding business sectors we cover. Using the case study method, we provide some of the most detailed insights on the fastest growing companies throughout Australia. Each issue delivers our unique approach of capturing the end to end business experience including supply chain successes and challenges. We are committed to serving this vertical by providing a professional forum for businesses leaders to exchange leading edge information in addition to cultivating new business development opportunities.



TrueLine Publishing

TrueLine Publishing is an international publishing firm that specializes in business-to-business trade journals. It is our mission to provide industry leaders across a wide array of the most important sectors worldwide with the most cutting-edge information available.

We accomplish this task by going straight to the source. Our magazines profile the most insightful C-level executives from some of the largest companies worldwide, thus providing our readers with an accurate snapshot of the industry as it stands today. TrueLine Publishing is an informational leader across industry sectors such as construction, energy, manufacturing, food and beverage, along with many other special segment sectors as diverse as the international economy itself.

What makes our approach so unique is that we are interested in highlighting the successes of the “movers and shakers” at the top of the food chain that make up over 70 percent of the international GDP. We provide a forum for industry leaders to stay abreast with the fluctuating changes in their respective industries so that they are more equipped to overcome the challenges that are constantly surfacing.