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5 Takeaways from Greenbuild

Molly Shaw

This is the second year the US Builders Review team has attended the annual Greenbuild International Conference and Expo. With leading insight offered by some of our Greenbuild Editor’s Choice Honorees and featured businesses, we were more prepared this year than ever before. But with an event the sheer size and magnitude of Greenbuild, there’s always something new to learn, experience to glean and thoughts to inspire around every corner.

What did our team learn this year? Here are 5 key takeaways from the experience:

“My No.1 takeaway from Greenbuild is that the green building industry is led by incredibly passionate, charismatic individuals from all corners of the globe. Despite the tremendous challenges that lie ahead, we have many reasons to be optimistic!”

Ian Nichols, editorial director

“As more consumers become more knowledgeable and interested in sustainability and green building, manufacturers and companies are working with them to make products accessible and affordable. New technologies big and small, like PureBlue, net-zero energy home from Brookfield Residential and energy efficient dryers from Excel Dryer, are no longer only for the elite and wealthy; it’s a lifestyle we can all have if we choose to make the switch.”

Erica Berry, director of content marketing

“More and more companies are adopting sustainable, energy-efficient standards for their products or the projects they work on. Washington, D.C. was an important backdrop given the density of LEED-certified projects in the city; it shows just what is possible in every part of the country!”

Ryan Fecteau, editorial director

“Greenbuild 2015 exhibited a diverse display of companies — mom-and-pop family businesses to multimillion dollar construction firms. No matter the size or shape, sustainability is a mindset throughout all facets of the industry and everyone is doing what they can to inspire positive change.”

Tom Faunce, senior staff writer & videographer

“There are many challenges that our world faces in this day and age. Seeing so many smart, motivated people come together to collectively discover how to build more sustainably and efficiently offers hope that climate change is a problem that we are well equipped to solve.”

Sean O’Reilly, senior editorial director

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